Where is The Jane Club located?
A gorgeous 2500 sq. ft. home nestled in Hancock Park and designed by Erin Fetherston.

What are the Hours of Operation?
We are open as a workspace from Monday through Friday between 9 o'clock AM and 6 o'clock PM. After 6 o'clock, we host private events until 10 PM. 

Is there parking?
There is ample street parking ON Larchmont Blvd., with the following restrictions:

  • NO PARKING 12:00pm to 3:00pm
  • Monday & Tuesday (alternate sides)
  • 2 hour parking 8am to 6pm (except Sundays)
  • Larchmont Village also has public parking lots and garages. Please visit: https://en.parkopedia.com for additional parking information.

Is there a cafe or food available for purchase?
We provide our members with complimentary coffee, juices, snacks and wine. Members and their guests are welcome to bring food and beverages with them to enjoy at any time during work hours. We can also arrange for food delivery for our members.  We are located in the heart of Larchmont Village and have dozens of wonderful restaurants, shops and coffee shops just steps away.

Are kids allowed welcome in the house?
Children and caregivers have a separate entrance into The Nest, our dedicated children’s area. Our members can spend time with their children in The Nest, but the children are not allowed inside the main house. Members who do have children participating in The Nest activities cannot access the space.

Are men allowed welcome in the space?
The Jane Club is a women only work and community space.  We believe firmly in re-centering our work and community around women.  We believe as women succeed, so do the lives of everyone around them. As such, we ask that our members identify as women.

Men are welcome in our space: 

  • Dropping off / Picking up their children at The Nest
  • After Hours / Private Events  - Men may book or attend selected events, at the discretion of The Jane Club, and those events will be clearly labeled as M+ (men welcome).  

The Jane Club welcomes robust, investigative and respectful conversation around gender identity and are committed to revisiting this statement for further thought and query.

Are non-binary people welcomed as members allowed in the space ?  
All individuals that identify as women are welcome as members.

Are there any age requirements for members?
Memberships are available to women ages 21 and older.  We are committed to creating a space that is free from ageism and welcome and support both younger and older members.

What are the age requirements for children at The Nest?
During working hours (9A-6P) The Nest welcomes children age 3 months to 6 years old.   After hours and during events, The Nest is available for kids up to 12 years of age. We are open to further discussion based on the needs of our members and their children.

Are service animals/dogs welcome at The Jane Club?
There is nothing better than kids and puppies, but we ask that you keep the latter at home.

What do I need for my Membership?
We require all members to have a current email, phone number, emergency phone number and home address on file. If you have not provided us with these details yet, please do so by emailing missjane@thejaneclubLA.com.

Your membership privlege is for your use only and may not be used by anyone else. 

Can I cancel or change my Membership?
You are required to give 30 days’ written notice to missjane@thejaneclubLA.com should you wish to change or terminate your Membership status. 

If you will be leaving town, we can extend a courtesy for you to freeze your Membership.

Can I get mail and deliveries at the house?
Members may use the House address to receive mail and other small deliveries, including Postmates, which will be distributed to Members on a regular basis. Following any termination of your Membership, you are responsible for having your mail forwarded to your new address. 

Are children allowed in the House?
Children and men are not permitted into the House.

Are animals allowed in the House?
Please refrain from bringing any animals into the house.

If I am a Member, do I need to RSVP to events?
Please RSVP and confirm attendance at The Jane Club events. If you are no longer able to attend an event, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance. 

What if I'm all riled up and get a little out of hand with the staff?
The Jane Club staff is part of our community who are here to take care of you while you are working and socializing in the House. In the same way that respectful behavior is required amongst members, we require it for our staff; inappropriate conduct with any staff member will lead to the immediate revocation of your membership.

Can I bring guests?
You are permitted one guest for two hours at any time during the day. Guests may not stay for consecutive two-hour periods, unless pre-authorized by the membership team. Guests who remain in the House beyond two hours will be subject to hourly rates. 

Your guests must sign in and remain with you at all times. Guests are not permitted into the House unless you are present. Guests are not permitted in The Nest, however should they bring children, they will be subject to a hourly rate of $25. 

Can I talk on the phone or play my music in the space?
Out of respect to your neighbors, please be considerate when engaging in conversation with coworkers and on the phone by maintaining an appropriate volume level.

What is I fall and injure myself or someone else on site?
All resident companies are required to provide a certificate of insurance to The Jane Club. Power Jane companies must name The Jane Club and the building as the additional insured on their Certificate of Insurance.  Additional requirements are set forth on the exhibit to these House Rules.

Can I move the furniture?
Please utilize the cabinets storage provided for all paperwork, files, office supplies and other personal effects.

In an effort to preserve our aesthetic environment, we please ask that you keep your space neat and free of refuse. Please maintain the location of desks in their original layout.

Interpretation of the Guidelines
In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the Executive Team, whose decision shall be final.

The Jane Club reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time, in its sole discretion.